Ardent India

Company Information

Started in 2004 with constant growth in Quality & Technology
Vi-Vision Power Electronics Pvt Ltd was formed in 2007 since then we have constantly changed & developed our products as per requirements.

Today We have a wide range of Digital, Automatic & Constant Voltage Stabilizers with total protection for all Applications & are one of the few Companies using Micro Control Digital Technology.

Our Quality stands out as we use the best available raw material with strong R & D Backing.

We are constantly working on making your life simpler with technology..Latest in our innovation is Multi Input stabilizer for AC & Main line with a wide input of 100 -440 v thus making it possible to work on both single & double phase.

One of the best looking Stabilizers in industry today ,with full powder coating and Galvanized rust free Cabinet .We can proudly say that our Stabilizers are designer items.

Our commitment:
We are committed to provide best products & service to our customers .

Latest News & Events

30th January, 2014
Comming Soon

30th January, 2014
Comming Soon

30th January, 2014
Comming Soon

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